Day 80 – April 24

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Exercise – No
2 servings of fruit – no
5 servings of veggies – no
2-3 servings of whole grains and legumes – yes
Drink at least 64 oz of water a day – no
Sleep – 6 hours of sleep.

Thoughtful spending – $9.84 I bought lunch and breakfast at work.
20 minutes of house work – Dishes Washed. And I sorted plastic for recycling. I am mostly finished with cleaning files off of my work computer. I regained 21 GIGS of space on the HD.
Bible Reading – No
Prayer – No

Photography Related – Took Pictures of Flood 2.0
Daily Writing related – Posted several items on

Self Care
Do something nice for me – had some popcorn with my sweetie
Don’t Procrastinate – Finished recategorizing everything on

Another busy day at work. I helped several customers, wrote a couple of documents, and also got several little items crossed off my list. the big thing I did was clear more space on the HD by deleting some stuff out of it. It made the computer work much faster.

R and I got into it a little bit last night. I’ve mentioned that I don’t watch a lot of scary stuff and the reason is that I just don’t handle it well. R. was watching Letters from Iwo Jima. There’s one scene where a dog ends up getting shot because it “a threat” to Japanese Army Communication. I got really upset and walked out of the room. I don’t deal well this kind of behavior/scene. The implied violence was just too much for me.

R thinks I need to be more dispassionate about such things. He thinks I should celebrate the one person who had the heart to do the right thing in the scene. I don’t want to be dispassionate about such things. To me, to be dispassionate about such a scene would be disconnected from my feelings and the world around me.


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