Day 63 – April 7

Posted on April 8, 2009. Filed under: Daily Summary |

Exercise – no
2 servings of fruit – Yes
5 servings of veggies – Yes
2-3 servings of whole grains and legumes – no
Drink at least 64 oz of water a day – no
Sleep – 8+ hours of sleep. I feela ton better today. Not having the urge to snack because of the good sleep.

Thoughtful spending – $28.05 – Got some milk at work for my coffee and cheerios at work. Also went to the grocery store and picked up some needed things at home – including a new fitness magazine that’s been a around for a while but I have never seen before. I’ll be doing a review once I get done reading.
20 minutes of house work – Yes – Cleaned off files on the old computer now that I have found a flash drive that works with it. Also sorted newspaper into shreddable/recyclable piles. The Shreddable stuff will go on the garden and the Recyclable pile will go down to the park.

Bible Reading – yes
Prayer – yes

Photography Related – yes Moved old photos off the old HD and into the storage drive – worked on blog layout
Daily Writing – yes – Worked on new blog layout.

Self Care
Do something nice for me – Went to bed early. I find that if I get enough sleep I don’t tend to snack as much.
Don’t Procrastinate – Started planning what I need to get done this weekend since I have a three day weekend. I really want to get things moving long in terms of having the house cleaned up. I feel guilty when I do other things and I should be doing housework.

Another busy day at work. Got pulled into a meeting since I need to do some documentation for a new product.


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