Week 5 Summary

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Exercise 3-5 times a week 3 times this week 100%
2 servings of fruit daily 2/7 29%
Backed off to two servings of fruit a day. 5 was way too much
5 servings of veggies daily 5/7 71%
2-3 servings of whole grains, legumes, and beans. 5/7 17%
Drink at least 64 oz of water a day – 5/7 71%
a minimum of 7 hours of sleep ever day. 3/7 43%

Thoughtful Spending – Total spent this week was $442.14. Down from last week and most of it was stuff for the garden and for housework.
20 minutes a day cleaning 6/7 – 86% Be still my beating heart. I didn’t think I’d done that much but evidently laundry, shredding paper and dishes adds up.

Bible Reading – 6/7 86%
Prayer 6/7 86%

Pictures and photography related activities- 5/7 100%
It feels weird not to be totally focused on the actual picture taking and have the two days where I don’t have to do anything, but at the same time, I need to add new skill sets within photography if I am to become better at it and creating my own works.
Daily writing – 5/7 100% – Again it feels a bit weird not writing something every day, but it’s opened things up again and I have a little more flexibility.

Self Care
Something Nice for me -7/7 100%
Don’t Procrastinate – 7/7 100%

Average for the tasks I could actually figure percentages for (13) 80%

This was really a rough week for me emotionally. I finished Deuteronomy and chapter 28 pushed me over the edge and left me feeling like a big, fat failure. I addressed a lot of stuff to God in my journal entry that night and I felt so wounded, angry and empty when I was through. I ended up crying myself to sleep. Of course another round of demon dreams that night didn’t help things the next morning – I was absolutely zonked when I woke up.

Have I mentioned the demon dreams before??? I’ve had them on and off for a long time. They started when I started getting closer to God after a car accident several years ago and got particularly strong after I accepted Christ but before I got baptized. After my baptism, they tapered off, but every once in a while I have them. I’ve had two in the last month.


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I’m sorry it was a hard week, especially with the demon dreams. Even though you didn’t give much detail, I have a gut feel for what you’re talking about.

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