The Fine Balance – Month 1 Summary

Posted on March 5, 2009. Filed under: Living with Intention |

The first month of 70×7 has passed and this is what I have learned – there’s a fine balance between too much and not enough.

I think in looking at my daily food intake and the money spent on food, I’ve realized that my thinking and my money is out of balance regarding this aspect of my life. I’m embarrassed with how much money I’ve spent on eating out because I’m tired or forgetful in the morning. I’ve been working over the past few days to make sure that I have at least a plan in place to do the following:

  1. Have “quick” food in my desk so that if I forget my lunch, I have something that I can eat. Right now I have oatmeal, tuna packets, condensed soup and crackers. I’ll probably add to my stash so I am less tempted to go grab something from the deli downstairs. I’ve also made sure that I have a plate and bowl that’s dedicated for work so I can’t use “I have nothing to cook in” as an excuse either
  2. Batch Cooking/Prep so I can “grab and go” at home. When I’m tired, especially after a really long day at the office, I need to have things ready to go in the fridge/freezer at home so I can just heat it up/put it together when I get home.
  3. Planning a menu – menu planning goes with the previous entry because a lot of times I find myself stopping off to pick something up because I haven’t planned and prepped in advance. This menu has quick-to-fix things on it like my Flat Out Pizzas that take no more than 30 minutes to get from the fridge into my belly.

Housework – Not enough done and that just bugs me. It’s time to simplify again and get things picked up and cleaned up. I’m to the point that I really hate having messiness around me. The fact of the matter is that there is no one to blame but me on this one.

Creativity – While I am being creative, I wonder sometimes if I don’t get in my own way by doing too much. Trying to take a picture a day AND write something that isn’t work related once a day is a lot of work and I’m not making much headway on some other things like getting my photography up on etsy which is something that I really want to do.

Maybe I should have made this goal do something creative every day? At least that way I could have opened things up a little bit and learned more about Photoshop Elements and other things that would be valuable. Is it acceptable to change a project like this one month in?


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