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I realized that with centering this blog around a verse in the Bible, that this blog would be a place to also examine spiritual things at some point. So I’m going to take the plunge tonight and at least get some of topics I have rumbling around in my brain out into the blog ether. I’m no RedLefty in my exploration of my Christianity, but I do have some thoughts on what I see going on in today’s Christian Circles. So let’s start with my religious background, then move on to one of my little projects for the year, and then I’ll give you some of the thoughts I’ve got rumbling around.

While I always considered myself Christian growing up (I was raised in the Roman Catholic Church), I accepted Christ a very short time ago (I was baptized around this time 5 years ago). Since that time, the majority of reading I’ve done in the Bible has focused on the New Testament. So this year, I’ve decided to read the Bible from cover-to-cover and in the order it was written. No jumping around – well maybe just a little since I still like to read my favorite verses and quote the occasional verse – but overall it’s a pretty chronological journey through the Bible. I don’t focus on any particular thing as I read, I just write my thoughts in the margins and jot notes in a notebook on the things I want to explore.

Along with reading the Bible, I also find myself scanning the Christian TV stations on occassion. Some of the shows there are ok, but some leave me wondering; and some make me sit back and think which is good.

So here are some of the upcoming topics I’ll explore here:

The Self-Help Movement within Christianity – one of the growing themes I’ve noticed is the scripture of God being used as a self-help tool. While I can’t deny the changes that I have seen in myself since being “born again”, I can’t say that I necessarily like some of the things I see the Word of God being used for.  

The power of prayer – Beth Moore actually got me thinking about this one as I watched her on Life Today last week. She asked God to bind her words so that that she would only do good while she was speaking (when I explore this one I’ll go back and review the episode). It got me to thinking about the power of prayer and how carefully we have to think before we pray for anything. For example, the folks who pray for storms to go somewhere else – are they doing good or bad?

Then there’s the rules. In the past two weeks, one of the things I’ve read in the OT suggests that we are still to follow the Old Testament rules – God Said they were to be followed by the generations going forward. But many preachers tell us that the blood of Jesus saves us from having to follow these rules. Which brings me to another aspect of the rules – are they just for the Jews, who are God’s Chosen People, or are they for Gentiles too?

These are just some of the things I’m pondering at the moment.


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2 Responses to “Reading from Cover-to-Cover”

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Matthew 5:17-20 pretty much rocks the boat on the OT and law thing too. Crystal clear from Jesus that every single word of the Mosaic law is still in effect “until heaven and earth disappear”. So now we get to ponder what that means and if it’s happened yet. 🙂

I look foward to more of your ponderings!

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