Some Really Random Thoughts.

Posted on February 10, 2009. Filed under: Random Observations |

Tomorrow I’ll give my Daily Summary about the first week and then I’ll do weekly summary. I have to say, the first week went better than I thought, but it’s not without it’s hiccups.

First off it’s hard to do somethings daily. There are times when I feel like I’m forcing myself to do something even when I really don’t feel the passion for it. And I’m not sure that is a good thing. The past couple of days I’ve felt like I’m really stretching for a topic for the day. That doesn’t mean that I didn’t find something to write about, but it makes me feel like I’m reaching blindly. Maybe that’s a difference between my project and LivingOrpah’s project. LO at least had something to focus on every day.

Even though I haven’t been overly consistent on it, I am digging the twenty minutes a day focused on house work. I’ve seen some good result and noticed a difference with even five or ten minutes here and there. It’s nice that I can clean at least something up in that amount of time.

I am struggling with the doing something for me. I feel like I’m being incredibly selfish when I focus on me – even when I like the result (i.e. softer skin because I remember to moisturize).

There’s more to write, but right now I need to go read some of Leviticus and write in my prayer journal. This has been a long day, and I need to get some shut eye for the rest of this week.


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